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Pothmolita Dou, widely known as Apple, is an esteemed makeup artist in the Hollywood film industry and the first Cambodian special effects makeup artist to achieve success in this field.

Her contributions to the industry have been recognized through the prestigious Ve Neill Makeup Artist top 5 of Legendary Scholarship, which she received in 2016. With this scholarship, she attended the renowned Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles, California, where she excelled and earned a diploma in Beauty & Special Effects Makeup.


Apple had the privilege of being trained by esteemed Hollywood artists such as Ken Diaz, Leonard Engelman, Don Lanning, and Michael Spatola, which helped hone her skills. She has worked on numerous projects, including movies, commercials, music videos, and photoshoots in both Asia and the United States. Some of her notable works include First They Killed My Father, Hex, Before the Fall, The Forest Whispers, Lisa and Liza. Apple is passionate about inspiring future generations of Cambodian makeup artists to pursue the same career path and to achieve greater success. Her vision is to empower these artists to explore their talents and reach their full potential.


Apple's work and her dedication to promoting the art of makeup are truly remarkable, and her contribution to the industry has been invaluable.

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