About me 

In 2011 I worked on my first movie. It was an amateur zombie movie shot in my home-country, Cambodia. My friend, the producer, asked me to be the make-up artist. Not knowing anything about make-up or film, I happily accepted. From there I instantly knew that I wanted to be a professional make-up artist. 


Since then I've worked on movies and photoshoots throughout Asia and the United States, I've earned a degree in Beauty & Cinema Make-up from Cinema Make-up School in Los Angeles, and I was even privileged enough to be a part of Angelina Jolie's Golden Globe-nominated movie, First They Killed My Father. I had opportunity to train and being recognize by many talented Hollywood artist like Vi neill , Leonard Engleman , Don lanning . Micheal Spatola.


Make-up has not only given me the chance to express myself through art, it has allowed me to meet amazing people. When I see people smile and hear that they love how I made them look, I know that I will continue to be a make-up artist for the rest of my life.